Apartment Rental Checklist

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  • Must have the first month’s rent, in addition to one to two month’s security deposit available in a New York City bank. Some landlords expect rent and security in certified funds which are refundable if, the prospective tenant is turned down.
  • Credit check fee $50.00 per person.
  • Application fee $100.00 per person.

Income Requirements

  • Most landlords require an annual income of at least 40 times the monthly rent. If your income is less than this multiple, in some cases you can offer extra security, prepaying of rent or a guarantor.

Proof of Income

  • Last two year’s tax return.
  • Last two year’s W-2 or equivalent.
  • Letter from your CPA if you are self-employed.
  • Letter of employment written on company letterhead and stating your salary, expected bonus, position and length on employment.
  • Last two pay stubs.


  • Ask your most recent landlord to write brief letter stating that you have been a good tenant and that you have paid your rent on time. (If you are a member of a condo or co-op association, have them write a letter for you stating that you are a tenant and member in good standing).
  • Landlords frown upon prospective tenants who have had dispossess proceedings initiated in Landlord and Tenant Court.